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امیدواریم با کمک مالی شما خوانندگان، بتوانیم پوینده تر و متنوع تر از همیشه در خدمت شما باشیم.

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Bob Dylan and Iranian lovers

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There is speculation that Dylan’s recent album ‘Tempest’ could be his last mainly because the title of his work is almost resonates Shakespeare’s last play ‘ The Tempest’. It is not my cup of tea to  contemplate on those kinds of rummer.

One of the first songs in that album ‘Duquesne Whistle’ is a big dose of nostalgia for me. It brings back the hole bitter-sweet tradition of one -sided love that Iranian young lovers experience.

We do have many great poems of classic poetry that narrate the story of Iranian lovers who want to express their infatuations to the beloved one, but get rejected and in the end of poem they lose their mind and vanish from the society.

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